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Disabled Vets Help Fellow Disabled Vets at Alpha™

July, 2010

Shelton, Conn. – Freedom Disability, a national Social Security Disability Advocacy group, has launched Alpha™ for disabled veterans seeking help in securing the highest level of disability compensation from the Veterans Administration (VA).

“There are more than 2 million civilian disabled veterans who need expert help in applying for compensation benefits from the VA,” said Sean Libby, vice president of Freedom Disability and Alpha. “We realized that our advocacy capabilities should broaden to encompass this important segment of our population. We decided that the best way to help disabled Vets is to hire disabled Vets to advocate for them.”

The Alpha Veterans Advocacy team is headed by Allen Gumpenberger, formerly of the Disabled American Veterans (DAV), who is also a disabled veteran.

“There is a serious backlog of claims at the VA, and our fellow veterans are missing out on getting not only the compensation they deserve, but also the quality representation they need,” said Gumpenberger. “Our goal is to deliver the highest quality advocacy service possible for veterans.”

Alpha advocates are independently accredited through the VA Office of General Counsel and have undergone intensive advocacy training unique to the Alpha program.

“The disabled veterans we have hired as Alpha Advocates understand the challenges veterans face at the VA,” said Libby. “They’ve experienced the bureaucracy and know what to do to help disabled veterans navigate through the difficult VA application process.”

In addition to providing specialized veterans disability advocacy, the advocates at Alpha assist surviving spouses who may not know that they are entitled to Dependency Indemnity Compensation (DIC) benefits from the VA.

“We are concerned for surviving spouses who may not be aware of benefits that could be available to them years after their veteran spouses were engaged in military service,” said Gumpenberger. “This would be because their veteran spouse may have died from a condition connected to military service but never filed a claim with the VA. We are honored to help surviving spouses obtain the benefits they are entitled to receive.”

Alpha is a national veterans disability advocacy group headquartered in Shelton, Connecticut. Find out more about Alpha at

About Freedom Disability:

Freedom Disability is a leading national Social Security Disability Advocacy group that provides education and representation services in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Freedom Disability’s mission is to help people with disabilities apply for, and win, disability benefits from the Social Security Administration.

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Sean Libby, Vice President

Freedom Disability | Alpha

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Note: All representation coordinated by Alpha is provided by our employees, the Advocates, who are accredited by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). No private organization that trains and employs accredited agents has been legally recognized by the VA for the purposes of preparation, presentation, and prosecution of claims. This work must be done by the Advocates themselves and not organizations.