Advertisement mistakenly showing German soliders
image source: flier from Rep. Tim Spear of North Carolina

On the Lighter Side:

Rep. Tim Spear (D) of North Carolina had to apologize for a well-intentioned campaign flyer that was meant to send home the message to his constituents that he is a supporter of the U.S. military and military-friendly legislation.

A direct-mail flyer with the headline “In North Carolina, One Legislator is Covering Our Soldiers’ Backs” describes Spear’s support of legislation to help active-service men and women, and veterans. But, the stock photo selected by the art department of a political consulting firm was actually of a World War II reenactment of four German soldiers advancing on the enemy.

Obviously this is a huge embarrassment to Spear, and the art department of MSHC Partners, the group that created the flyer.

To make matters worse, the photo listed on a stock-image Web site, included a description, so how did the creative who selected the photo miss it?

“It was an insult to our military men and women and our veterans, but it was a personal insult to me,” Spear said.

What a mistake for the poor soul who picked it.  We can sympathise with this honest mistake!

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