PTSD Coach Smartphone App
image source: Dept. of Veterans Affairs

There are many professional treatment services for veterans with PTSD, but  how can veterans  and military service members get quick access to help at any time?  

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) National Center for PTSD and the Department of Defense National Center for Telehealth and Technology have collaborated to provide a 21st century solution. It is called the PTSD Coach, a free mobile application (app) now available for smart phones.

More apps to help veterans with PTSD and their families are on the way and will be announced soon.

VA Secretary Eric K. Shinseki in his White House blog post “A New Way to Serve Our Veterans” announced the PTSD Coach as “an app that could help [veterans] manage symptoms of PTSD at any given moment.”

The PTSD Coach app is not intended as a substitute for treatment but it does provide an immediate connection to the resources and tools veterans need to help manage their PTSD symptoms.  

Find out more about the PTSD Coach now available for free download on iTunes.

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