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Wartime Periods and Their Impact on Your Ability to Receive Veterans Disability Benefits

WWII  |  Korean War  |  Vietnam War  |  Persian Gulf War  |  OEF OIF

Your ability to receive Veterans Disability compensation depends in large part on whether your disability is “service-connected.”  Service connection generally means that a chronic disability arose coincidental with military service.  The wartime period in which you served may have specific disabling conditions that have been identified as being service-connected.

  • World War II:  Exposure to radiation was common due to the extensive experimentation and nuclear testing of the Atomic Bomb. Diseases such as Leukemia, Lymphomas, Multiple Myeloma and Cancers could later manifest in veterans who were exposed to radiation at that time.  Click here to read more details about WWII Veterans Disability Benefits.
  • Vietnam:  Exposure to Agent Orange, the herbicide used to kill off dense plant life caused multiple conditions in veterans of that war. Twelve specific illnesses have been identified as service-connected disabilities.  Click here to read more details about Vietnam Veterans Disability Benefits.

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