Woman Veteran

USA Today reports women veterans are finding it hard to find civilian jobs, partially because they are competing for jobs with women outside of the military who lost jobs during the Great Recession, and because their skill sets and experience in the military is misunderstood by civilian employers.

A survey by the Business and Professional Women’s Foundation found that after seven years out of the military, nearly half of women veterans still have a hard time transitioning into the civilian workforce. A possible reason could be inadequate services for them through Veterans affairs. And even though the number of women in the military is increasing – there are nearly 1.8 million women veterans, making up 8 percent of the veteran population – there is a general misunderstanding by civilians of what their role is in the military.

Though there are government programs to help veterans transition to civilian life, none target women veterans looking for jobs. The Labor Department’s Transition Assistance Program for veterans has been in existence for 20 years but has not caught up with the growth of women in the military adequately enough to help them.

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